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Who is Involved

Do friends and family often turn out to be recruiters?
Sometimes friends/family members may recruit people for the purposes of human trafficking. Recruiters are from every age group and include women. Recruiters often originate from the same social background as their recruits.
Are job offers used often as a recruitment method?
Traffickers may provide a false promise of opportunity to entice their victims. They may promise employment, high wages and a better life. Very often victims are misled about the nature and conditions of employment.
    Is it typical for the recruiter to take care of all arrangements?
    Recruiters generally take care of all the arrangements including travel documents, travel tickets, meals and accommodation.
      How do traffickers control their victims?
      Traffickers use a range of methods to maintain control over their victims, including beatings, rape, verbal abuse, threats to the victim and their family. Traffickers also utilise a range of other strategies, such as debt-bondage and isolation to establish control over their victims. A victim of trafficking may be told that they are required to pay the costs of their travel, accommodation and for setting up their job. The sum required is usually vastly inflated. They are told that they must work to pay off their debt. When a victim of trafficking is re-trafficked, i.e. sold to another trafficker, the victim of trafficking is often told that they must now work to pay off their purchase price.

      What type of person is likely to be susceptible to be trafficked?
      Persons from all social backgrounds, regardless of class, race, sex or belief may be exploited by traffickers. However victims are often drawn from the most vulnerable segments of society – the economically marginalised, the jobless, refugees, displaced persons, runaways, etc.
        Are traffickers always men?
        Traffickers can be men or women.

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