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Consultative Structure

Ireland has put in place a consultative structure involving over 70 different Governmental, Non-Governmental and International Organisations. The method of consultation put in place is based on that recommended by the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) in the context of developing National Referral Mechanisms on human trafficking and includes:-
    • An Interdepartmental High Level Group established by the Minister for Justice and Equality in late 2007 to recommend to him the most appropriate and effective responses to trafficking in human beings. The High Level Group comprises senior representatives from the key Government Departments and Agencies.

    • Members from the Group engage with NGOs and International Organisations in the manner of a Roundtable Forum approximately three times per year.
    • In addition, five interdisciplinary Working Groups chaired by the Anti Human Trafficking Unit and comprising representatives from the relevant Government Agencies, NGOs and International Organisations progress matters at a practical ‘on the ground’ level and, in turn, report to the High Level Group. The Working Groups deal with:
        o Development of a National Referral Mechanism

        o Awareness Raising and Training
        o Child trafficking
        o Labour Exploitation issues
        o Sexual Exploitation issues.

Other relevant legislation

Administrative Framework

Criminal Justice Response

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