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Anti Human Trafficking Unit
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Begging and Petty Crime

People who have been trafficked for the purpose of begging or committing petty crimes may:
  • Be children, elderly persons or disabled migrants who tend to beg in public places and on transport
  • Be children carrying and/or selling illicit drugs
  • Have physical impairments that appear to be result of mutilation
  • Be children of the same nationality or ethnicity who move in large groups with only a few adults
  • Be unaccompanied minors who have been ‘found’ by an adult of the same nationality or ethnicity
  • Move in groups while travelling on public transport: for example, they may walk up and down the length of trains
  • Participate in the activates of organized criminal gangs
  • Be part of large groups of children who have the same adult guardian
  • Be punished if they do not collect or steal enough
  • Live with members of their gang
  • Travel with members of their gang to the country of destination
  • Live, as gang members, with adults who are not their parents
  • Move daily in large groups and over considerable distances.

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