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Anti Human Trafficking Unit
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Oct 2016 - Second National Action Plan to Prevent and Combat Human Trafficking in Ireland  - (PDF 1,214KB)

On 17th October 2016 the Tánaiste and Minister for Justice and Equality officially launched our new Action Plan.

Mar 2016 - REACH Project  - (PDF 84KB)

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Feb 2016 - Report of victim identification roundtable in December 2015  - (PDF 142KB)

Report of the roundtable on the identification of victims of human trafficking - December 2015

Jul 2015 - Draft of second National Action Plan - June 2015  - (PDF 160KB)

A draft of the Second National Action Plan to prevent human trafficking in Ireland - June 2015

Jun 2015 - A cross border analysis of human trafficking in 2013 and 2014  - (PDF 182KB)

A report on the number of victims identified in both jurisdictions in 2013/2014

Feb 2015 - Presentations from Cross Border Conference on Forced Labour - Jan 2015  - (PDF 3,132KB)

MRCI presentation

Feb 2015 - Presentations from the Cross Border conference on Forced Labour January 2015  - (PDF 100KB)

Neil Jarman Institute of Conflict Research presentation

Feb 2015 - Presentation from cross border forced labour conference - Jan 2015  - (PDF 826KB)

NERA presentation

Feb 2015 - Presentation from Cross Border conference on forced labour -Jan 2015  - (PDF 2,474KB)

GLA presentation

Dec 2014 - Guidelines for Domestic Workers in Diplomatic Households  - (PDF 34KB)


Oct 2014 - Minister for Justice and Equality address to conference for senior Garda officers - October 2014  - (PDF 24KB)

The Minister for Justice and Equality addressed a conference for senior Garda officers in Templemore to mark EU Anti-Trafficking Day 2014.

Dec 2013 - 2012 Annual Report on Trafficking in Human Beings in Ireland  - (PDF 296KB)

The 2012 report is the fourth report to be produced by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit of the Department of Justice & Equality. It is based on information provided by An Garda Síochána, Non-Governmental Organisations and the International Organisation for Migration.

Sep 2013 - GRETA Report on implementation of the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings by Ireland  - (PDF 1,392KB)

Final report from the Council of Europe Group of Experts on Action (GRETA) against Trafficking in Human Beings

Jul 2013 - The Criminal Law (Human Trafficking) (Amendment) Act 2013  - (PDF 38KB)

An act to give effect to certain provisions of Directive 2011/36/EU on preventing and combating trafficking in human beings

Apr 2013 - Criminal Law (Human Trafficking) (Amendment) Bill 2013 - as initiated  - (PDF 1,196KB)

A short bill necessary to transpose in full the criminal law provisions of an EU Directive

Mar 2013 - Review of the National Action Plan to prevent and combat trafficking in human beings 2009 -2012  - (PDF 5,808KB)

A review of the implementation of the National Action Plan conducted under the direction of Interdepartmental High Level Group.

Mar 2013 - Statement of Roles and Responsibilities  - (PDF 4,678KB)

A document setting out the roles and responsibiliites of organisations co-operating in preventing trafficking and protecting its victims.

Feb 2013 - Report of country visit to Ireland by OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for combating trafficking in human beings  - (PDF 138KB)

A report based on the visit to Ireland by the OSCE Special Representative and Co-ordinator for combating trafficking in human beings, Ms Maria Grazia Giammarinaro from 30 January to 02 February 2012.

Feb 2013 - Report on an examination of the Adequacy of Current Irish legislation in relation to the Criminalisation of forced labour  - (PDF 210KB)

An examination of the adequacy of current Irish legislation in relation to the criminalisation of forced labour.

Jun 2011 - Airlines International  - (PDF 618KB)

An article was placed in the International Air Transport Association (IATA) magazine Airlines International . The IATA has 230 member airlines. The article was in their June AGM publication.

Apr 2011 - Metro Éireann  - (PDF 520KB)

An article and image were published in Metro Éireann newspaper in April, 2011 and a separate image in the newspaper in May, 2011. The newspaper describes itself as “Ireland's only multicultural newspaper” with a circulation of 10,000 copies every fortnight and 400,000 online readers.

Mar 2011 - The Researcher  - (PDF 11,508KB)

An article was published in The Researcher in March 2011. The Researcher is published three times a year by the Refugee Documentation Centre (Ireland).

Dec 2010 - The Phoenix Annual 2010  - (PDF 372KB)

An article was placed int he Phoenix Annual 2010.

Sep 2010 - FORUM  - (PDF 40KB)

An article was placed in the September 2010 edition of FORUM magazine, a healthcare publication for G.P.s.

Jul 2010 - VOX  - (PDF 342KB)

An article was published in VOX (a religious magazine) - a bookmark with information on human trafficking was distributed with each magazine also.

Jun 2010 - Public Sector News  - (PDF 628KB)

An article was place in The Public Sector Journal in June 2010. The Public Sector Journal is Ireland's dedicated Journal for the Public Sector, Semi-State Bodies and Civil Service.

Jan 2010 - TaxiNews  - (PDF 292KB)

A full page advertisement was placed in the Irish Taxi Drivers Federation Yearbook 2010. This will ensure Taxi Drivers nationwide are aware of the Human Trafficking problem and can immediately contact the appropriate authorities should they become suspicious of any activity they witness. Taxi News Yearbook is distributed to all 22,000 taxi drivers throughout Ireland and to 12,500 in the greater Dublin area.

Jan 2010 - Irish Haulier  - (PDF 576KB)

A full page advertisement was placed in the Official Yearbook of the Irish Road Haulage Association. The yearbook is sent to all members of the association, to key management persons in the top 1,000 transport companies in Ireland and the UK, to the management of the Road haulage Associations across Europe, to the top 2,000 European Transport Companies Source (Kompass), to truck distributors and manufacturers in Europe, to freight forwarders and fleet managers and to Insurance and Legal consultants associated with the Transport Industry.

Jan 2010 - Emergency Services Ireland  - (PDF 722KB)

An Editorial on the issue of human trafficking and Poster advertisement was placed in the magazine of Emergency Services Ireland. This is a bi-monthly publication which issues to Local Authorities and Emergency Services in both the Republic and Northern Ireland.

Nov 2009 - Marine Notice  - (PDF 574KB)

A notice on human trafficking has been made available to Marine Services Personnel (covering areas from merchant to fishing and leisure, ports, harbours, offshore energy, marine engineering companies, etc). The notice issued electronically via email and was posted on the Department of Transport's website.

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